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Welcome to Allays rules page!
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Allay Server Rules

- Do not cheat.
- Do not spam, flood chat, or advertise.

- Do not use any bugs or exploits, report them instead.
- No use of inappropriate skins, names, builds, or chat.
- Do not use an auto-clicker of any kind.
- Do not discuss real world problems or politics. 

- No use of alt accounts for advantages/automation.
- Killing players bypass the PvP toggle is not allowed.
- You may not claim within 100 blocks of another player without permission.
- Do not harass other players.
- Do not share personal information.
- Do not staff impersonate.
- Do not falsely report players.
- Ban/mute evasion is not permitted.
- Do not use X-Ray.
- No lava castings.

Allay Discord Rules

1. Spam

Do not attempt to spam chat with messages, images or emojis. This includes encouraging others to do the same.

2. Flooding
Do not use excessive capital letters, emojis, stickers, image, unicode characters or mentions/pings.

3. Toxicity
Do not be toxic towards other players or promote toxic behavior.

4. Mental Health Do not joke or mention suicide, self-harm or other sensitive topics.

5. Discrimination
Do not discriminate or use racist, sexist, homophobic or derogatory language towards players.

6. Links
Do not post links to inappropriate content, IP grabbers or any malicious websites.

7. Promoting
Do not promote other servers, services, social media or anything not associated with Crater.

8. Hacking
Do not threaten or attempt to DDoS, DOX or hack the server or a player. This includes using IP grabbers, posting personal photos, ip addresses or sharing any personal information.

9. Stolen Accounts
Do not talk about, sell or use stolen or cracked Discord or Minecraft accounts.

10. Tagging Staff
You are not permitted to tag staff under any circumstance. Please create a ticket if you need support.